What commercial roofing services do you provide for companies in Orange County?

Permanent Solutions for Your Commercial Roofing Problems Since 1990

We provide the follow commercial roofing services:

Leak Repairs
One-Stop Roof Related Repairs

Miles Galla-Rini has 20+ years of experience providing property managers, landlords, engineers and facility managers with budget smart alternatives for their commercial roof issues.

  • If you’re tired of allocating budget money every year for roof repairs that never seem to get fixed permanently or
  • If you’ve been told that you need a new roof and you are wondering if there might be an alternative solution to spending all that money…

Call Miles Galla-Rini at (714) 244-6567 and get a Same Day Evaluation.

We repair roof leaks and water damage for built up asphalt, gravel, TPO and metal roofs. We install new roofs and repair roofs for clients in the office, medical, hospital, retail, warehouse, condo and multi-family markets.

We have extensive experience with elastomeric coatings and they can be a budget friendly alternative to replacing a whole roof.

For many commercial building owners, skylights are often a source of leaks. We have extensive experience repairing and replacing skylights and will provide you with the timetable, budget and alternate solutions for each project.

We provide one-stop complete repair so our clients only need to deal with one roofing contractor. We provide these related roof repair services: skylight framing, dry rot repair, AC platform construction and beam replacement.

“My company has been using Galla-Rini Roofing for over 15 years. His customer service, which I value as the #1 consideration when choosing a company, is invaluable. He responds immediately and fixes the problem. He is a man of integrity, knowledge and puts his customers first.”
– Judy – Ruh Management Inc.

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