Built Up Hot Mop Roof Repair or Replacement in Orange County

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Galla-Rini Roofing has Over 20 Years of Experience Installing and Repairing Built Up Hot Mop Roofs

If you have been searching for a roofing company that has the experience to repair and replace built up hot mop roofs in Orange County then call Miles at (714) 214-6567 for a same day evaluation.

Many roofing companies will try to sell you the latest and greatest roofing product.

If your roofing contractor told you that you need a new roof and you are wondering if there might be an alternative solution to spending all that money, call Miles and get a second opinion.

In our 20+ years of serving Orange County, many systems have come and gone but one system that has consistently performed is a traditional built-up hot-mop roof.

Miles Galla-Rini has 20+ years of experience providing property managers, landlords and facility managers with budget smart alternatives for their roof issues and a hot-mop roof is a choice many like.

  • Built up roofs consist of layers much like a cake – a base sheet, felt and hot asphalt. In the roofing trade the asphalt is called a hot-mop coating. It is applied at high temperatures and fuses with the felt to form a waterproof roof membrane.
  • Built up hot-mop roofs can be installed over concrete, steel or wood. They can be installed on flat or sloped roof surfaces. If it is installed on a flat roof, some slope is typically built in to provide for proper drainage.
  • Built up gravel roofs is another term that is frequently used to describe this type of roofing system.

If you want a one-stop, complete repair for your hot-mop roof, call us at (714) 244-6567. We also provide these frequently required roof repair services: skylight framing, dry rot repair, AC platform construction and beam replacement.

Before you choose an alternative to your built-up roof, your roofing contractor should provide answers to these fundamental questions:

  • How old is my roof?
  • Do we need to replace the entire roof?
  • Are there any alternatives that will extend the life of the current roof by 5 or 10 years?
  • What kind of roofing system do we have now?
  • If a roof repair is an option, how long would the repair last?
  • What are the specific reasons why a new roof is a better option than a repair?

With the right information, you will be in a better position to answer your own questions or the ones your boss is asking.

Please take the time to evaluate our capabilities.

Orange County property managers, landlords and facility managers who want a commercial roofing contractor who can provide a thorough roof evaluation call Galla-Rini Commercial Roofing.

As an investor/owner and acting manager of the Orange Crest Center in the city of
Orange, I am always searching for contractors who are thorough, prompt and honest in their work. Galla-Rini Roofing has all three of these qualities along with a reputation of integrity that precedes it.

The tenants in my buildings want no interruptions. Galla-Rini Roofing has always put the interest of my tenants above his own while properly communicating any concerns with courtesy and respect.

Galla-Rini Roofing is a valuable asset to my business, and without question or hesitation I would recommend this company for all of your roofing needs.

– Tom C. Long – Orange Crest Center, Orange, CA

We repair roof leaks and water damage for built up hot-mop, gravel, TPO and metal roofs. We install new roofs and repair roofs for clients in the office, medical, hospital, retail, warehouse, condo and multi-family markets.

Our clients typically own or manage multiple buildings and they appreciate our ability to provide alternative solutions for their roof leaks or roofing problems especially in a buying or selling situation.

Serving Orange County, Southern California and the Surrounding Communities including:
Irvine, Orange, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Anaheim, Tustin, Villa Park, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Anaheim Hills, Foothill Ranch, Costa Mesa, Laguna Hills, Aliso Viejo and Huntington Beach.