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If You Are Buying or Selling Commercial Property
in Orange County and

You Aren’t Sure if You Need Roof Repairs or a New Roof…

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Prompt Roof Evaluation
Budget Friendly Alternatives
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If you are buying or selling a commercial building in Orange County you are probably asking or being asked questions like these:

  • How old is the roof?
  • What is the general condition of the roof?
  • Are there maintenance or repairs issues that need to be resolved?
  • Are there areas that are more likely to be a source of roof leaks?
  • What options do I have for recommended repairs?
  • How long are the recommended roof repairs likely to last?

If any of these questions sound familiar, please call Galla-Rini today for a no-nonsense evaluation. Once we complete the evaluation, we will provide all the options so you can make a sound business decision on purchasing or selling the property.

Miles Galla-Rini has 20+ years of experience providing buyers and sellers of commercial property in Orange County with roof evaluations and recommendations.

In a Rush?

Roof leaks and roofing issues can derail the purchase or sale of commercial property especially if it takes weeks or months to get the evaluation and recommended course of action.

In most situations you need to get the answers fast. We can be on site TODAY to evaluate the problem and give you budget friendly alternatives so you can complete the sale or purchase.

Not sure you believe we can be there today?

All we can ask is for your call so we can prove it to you.

My company has been using Galla-Rini Roofing for over 15 years. His customer service, which I value as the #1 consideration when choosing a company, is invaluable. He responds immediately and fixes the problem. He is a man of integrity, knowledge and puts his customers first.

– Judy – Ruh Management Inc.

We repair roof leaks and water damage for built up asphalt, gravel, TPO and metal roofs. We install new roofs and repair roofs for clients in the office, medical, hospital, retail, warehouse, condo and multi-family markets.

Many of our clients appreciate the versatility of the elastomeric coatings we use for roof repairs and whole roof restorations. Elastomeric coatings can be highly reflective to save energy, Title 24 compliant and they form a seamless acrylic or rubber membrane for excellent leak protection.

A whole roof restoration using elastomeric coatings is a cost effective alternative to replacing an existing roof especially when buying or selling a property.

Skylights are often a source of leaks. We have extensive experience repairing and replacing skylights and we can quickly provide you with the timetable, budget and alternate solutions for each project.

We provide one-stop complete repairs so our clients only need to deal with one roofing contractor. We provide these related roof repair services: skylight framing, dry rot repair, AC platform construction and beam replacement.

Our clients typically own or manage multiple buildings and they appreciate our ability to provide alternative solutions for their roof leaks or roofing problems especially in a buying or selling situation.

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